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Neopets Backgrounds

Decorate your Neopets user lookup, shops, gallery and all the other pages with these cool backgrounds! Yep, we're in love with Neopets too! Just a reminder to not remove the credit or else we won't be able to keep providing you with free backgrounds!

INSTRUCTIONS: The Neopets Code works for all areas on the Neopets site (user lookup, shop, gallery) except petpages. For petpages please use the Petpage Code.

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Red Texture
If you're looking for a red, fiery theme, this would be the best background ever!

Blue Texture
Looking for something more peaceful? These blue backgrounds reminds me of clouds and water... this is a must have!

Polka Dots
Dots, dots, dots. Everyone like dots, right? They look like snow, jewel, planets, or whatever. Would look complete on any page!

Country Bees
If you like the slow, moving scene of the country and homemade strawberry jam, this background is a must have! All those busy bees will make you high!

Blue Squares
A very modern looking background with a clean taste to it. Would like perfect on your profile!

Green Squares
These green squares look so mystical. I wonder what it reminds me of... but I know it would look good on your page!

Purple Squares
If you're into jewels and gems, this purple background would not only brighten up your page, but make your desire for beauty even greater!  Get it today!

Sailor Saturn
She's the one name, Sailor Moon! I mean, the one named Sailor Saturn! Yeah, if you're a fan, this is a must-get!

Pink Weather Clouds
Make your page more relaxing with this weather background. Would be even better if you're favorite color is pink!

Pink Weather Clouds
Need a stronger pink weather background? This one would do the job, like instantly!

Blue Weather Clouds
If you need something more graceful for your page, not too much, just light and simple, this background would be your number one choice!

Green Texture
This exotic green textured background would look awesome on any page! You should consider it!

Lime Green Squares
A very sour background for anyone with a taste for green! Makes an awesome tiled background for anyone that seeks something different!

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