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What's the Size of an Instagram Picture in Pixels?

Instagram is a powerful tool in sharing your pictures or photos, videos and similar materials. It's one of the social media sites that are rapidly increasing in membership. If you're still have not signed up, then you better hop in, before it's too late.

However, one significant question for Instagram users is this: "What's the ideal dimension of pictures on Instagram?"

So that you and other users appreciate the magnificence of your photos, you have to utilize the right dimensions. Using the correct dimensions will prevent your photos to become distorted or ruined.

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What is the ideal dimension of pictures on Intsagram?

Your pictures should measure:

612 px by 612 px

This means that it should be 612 pixels in width and 612 pixels in length. A smaller or bigger size than the prescribed size won't produce good results.

Nevertheless, there are large photos that you simply can't crop. If you don't want to crop your large photo because it will ruin the entire view of the image, this is how you can do it.

How to add large photos without cropping on Instagram

  1. Download any of these apps on your computer or phone: Whitagram, InstaSize or NoCrop.
  2. Import your photos to the apps.
  3. From these apps, you can design your photos such as, editing the borders on your InstaSize.
  4. Afterwards, you can upload the large photos to your Instagram account from these apps.

Using the original size of your photos will lessen the risk of ruining its perfect view. If the photos can be cropped, though, it's best to remember that your photos must be resized 612 px x 612 px.

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By following these tips, you can ensure that your friends will have the best viewing experience with your photos

Your photos represent your memories so, preserve them well, and share them - uncropped - with your friends and loved ones.


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