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What is a Lead Magnet? What Are Their Roles in Network Building?

Lead magnets are essential to you if you want to build a broad network and maximize your advertising campaign.

This may be your first time hearing that term, so let's expound a little further.

What are lead magnets?

Lead magnets are ways or tools to entice online users to provide their email addresses, phone numbers, names and other information that you asked for.

This method or tool is supposed to "magnetize" people to provide the contact information you desire.

The number of your successful lead magnet conversions will mean a broader network to advertise your services or products to, and subsequently, an increase in your potential buyers.

Ways or Tools That Can Serve as Lead Magnets

So, what are these lead magnets that you can use to do this? Here's a list that you can choose from. You can use all or choose one and develop it to perfection. It's up to you.

Free eBook

This is the most common lead magnet used by Internet marketers. You create an informative and interesting eBook and then offer it for free in exchange of the online users' contact information.If the eBook offers valuable information for your viewers, it becomes a powerful lead magnet.

Free Tutorial Videos

Other good lead magnets are tutorial videos. These are ideal for "how-to" topics such as, "How to Do a Myofascial Release Massage," "How to Edit Your Facebook Page," and similar topics.

Numerous Internet entrepreneurs have succeeded with this type of lead magnets.

Free Music

You can also make your own music and offer them for free, in exchange for your visitors' contact information.

Make sure though, that you're not offering copyrighted material because this can cause legal problems for you.

Free Guides or Reports

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Free guides or reports of recent online trends are effective as lead magnets too. Search for online trends and provide guides or reports about them.

Software Free Trials

You can also offer free trials for a software you have developed. This is the common strategy of most online software marketers.

If your software is effective, you can increase your potential customers by leaps and bounds.

Free Catalogues of Popular Products

A huge number of searchers are after the prices and features of popular products. You can offer these to these particular consumers.

You can contact the product provider to coordinate with them, or you can create your own. Creating your own can be tedious though.

Free Shipping Services

If you're selling products, you can offer free shipping to your customers. This is an excellent lead magnet that most marketers offer.

Take advantage of it and watch your online market grow significantly.

This is recommended for your successful buyers.

Free Assessments

You can also offer free assessments or tests that can be of help to your visitors. If you have the talent to create test items, then use it to create your lead magnets.

Also, you can create significant assessment tools that can be valuable to your visitors.

Free Quizzes

Creating educational, informative and fun quizzes is a popular lead magnet. There are various online applications that you can use for free in creating your quizzes.

Make it interesting to capture their attention. Examples are: "What Personality Type Are You?", or "How Romantic Is Your Partner?" and other topics that your readers can learn from.

Your quiz may be related to your niche or they may be about an entirely new topic. But it's preferable that the quizzes are relevant to your website's niche so your visitors will become more drawn to your lead magnets.

Free Toolkits

Toolkits can be good lead magnets if chosen properly. Examples of toolkits are "Template Toolkits", "Game Toolkits", "HTML Toolkits" and "Windows Toolkit".

These lead magnets can come with a product or service you are providing your customer.

Free Handouts

You can also offer free handouts or reports as lead magnets to your visitors. An important handout about relevant topics to your niche will definitely be a brilliant source of potential customers.

You have to prepare your handouts meticulously so that they can be useful to your customers. If they find them reliable, they will surely inform their friends about them. Word-of-mouth is still the most effective advertising technique.


Offering discounts for your products is an effective lead magnet in broadening your marketing network. If you've invested so much on your tool, and you can't offer it for free, then - at least - offer a discount.

It can also directly increase your sales. So, don't hesitate to offer discounts for items that you can afford to. You can earn more if your products are sold quickly, than insisting on an expensive price that buyers won't bite.

The above-mentioned are lead magnets you can use for your customers. You have to choose those that can work well for your product or services.

Not all Internet marketers share the same experiences, so you have to experiment on your own and discover your tool toward success.

To help you in choosing the appropriate lead magnet for your business, here are pointers you can refer to.

Properties of a Good Lead Magnet

  • It's catchy - It captures the visitors' attention immediately. It has that "Eureka" effect. The surfer must be able to exclaim: "Yes, I've found it!" "Yes, I've found something I need!"
  • It's user-friendly - No matter how captivating a lead magnet is if it's complex to navigate through or difficult to use, it won't be successful. Device the tool in such a way that visitors can easily and conveniently view it.
  • It's useful - Your visitors will always be attracted to your leads if they find it truly useful for their needs. No one in his right mind will refuse a free item that he can use effectively. If he badly needs the tool, and it's for free - that would be irresistible for him.
  • It's free - Your target lead cannot "magnetize" more viewers if it comes with a price. You should give it for free to entice more users. You'll be having more conversions when your items are free, than when they come with a price.
  • It's unique - Although your method is common, the content of your lead must be unique. Say for example your free eBook, your eBook is a common lead magnet but the topic of your eBook should be one of a kind, or it can be an old topic using a different point of view.
  • It works - This is the test of the pudding, so to speak. Does the free tool you offer work? If it does not, then you're just misleading your potential customers and they won't trust you again. Ascertain that the item works efficiently first before endorsing it.
  • It's SEO enabled - If your lead magnet is SEO friendly, you'll find more visitors clicking it. Ascertain that keywords are included in your lead magnet's advertising widget so that they can be crawled successfully by the different search engines.

After you have carefully selected your lead magnets, your next problem would be: how to drive traffic to your lead magnets. If these are not exposed to online users, then how can you obtain your data?

You can drive traffic to your lead magnets by advertising them.

In a nutshell, you drive traffic to your advertising tool (lead magnets) by advertising them too - you advertise your advertisement.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Lead Magnets

Use Your Social Media Network

This method is the most recommended because of its reach and convenience. Post your lead magnets on your user's dashboard, page or account.

Of course, you can also advertise your products and services directly, but you would not be able to obtain the contact information of your viewers.

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It's best to do both. The information you can obtain through your lead magnets will be your permanent potential customers. This is because you have their contact numbers.

Examples of social media sites are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine and Meetup.

Prepare Quality Lead Magnets

If your lead magnet is SEO friendly and can capture any one's attention, then this can generate traffic without you making so much effort.

Implement the properties of a good lead magnet mentioned above, and for sure, the high quality of your tool will do the advertising by itself.

Create a Website of Lead Magnets

You can create a blog that is solely used for your lead magnets. Some website owners team up as a group and display all their lead magnets on one website.

This will make the site a pivotal center of various lead magnets that can be promptly accessed by online users.

Data You Must Know about Your Lead Magnets

  • Know how much your lead magnet is worth
  • Know the worth of a lead magnet on your landing pages
  • Know how much you should offer on your new leads
  • Know how much is the conversion of your lead magnet

You have now sufficient information to create and prepare your lead magnets. Take the "lead" and discover these important methods in increasing your online marketing network.

As an online entrepreneur, you have to explore all venues to profit from your business. This is one technique that you should not miss out.

What are your experiences with lead magnets? Let us know in the comments.


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