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2015 Twitter Header Size and Dimension Update

Twitter is one of the top social media sites that can effectively promote your business and personal ads. In order to optimize the use of Twitter, you'll have to know how to create a Twitter header that can attract viewers the instant they view it. The image you have prepared must fit also the header space provided by the site.

Here are steps you can do to optimize the use of your Twitter header as an advertising tool.

Steps in using your Twitter header as a promotional tool

Step #1 - Ensure that your image has the correct Twitter dimensions

Twitter has recommended that your Twitter image or photo be of size:

Width: 1500px X Height: of 500px

These Twitter dimensions, however, is not an assurance that all you have included in the image will be visible to your followers. Hence, you have to make sure by viewing it first, before finally posting it.

Step #2 - Use images that are of high quality

The image for your header must be of high quality so that the color comes out vivid and alive. It should also be the best image that you can display for your business. Remember, this will be your advertising tool, so you must put your best image forward, so to speak.

It's good practice to include your profile picture in your Twitter header image, and your username must be catchy and easy to remember. This will also allow Twitterpeeps to have a bird's eye view of you and your business through your header image.

In addition, you can edit your Twitter bio to present the highlights of your business and your skills as an entrepreneur.

Creating a collage from interesting photos of your business can attract Twitter users to your business site.

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Here are some tips in creating your Twitter header image

  • There should be a unified appearance - Colors must blend with each other and the combination is pleasing to the eyes.
  • Texts' graphics must be simple but catchy - Don't make use of too arty graphics that viewers cannot clearly read.
  • Simple but meaningful does it - Your Twitter header image need not be complex. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty. Just ensure that everything you include in your header image denote an essential meaning about your business.
  • Include a brief message about your business - This will serve as your business slogan, and will help get the word out there to online users.

Step #3 - Make sure that your header can be viewed through any device

To maximize the promotion of your business, your Twitter header must be easily accessible on all devices such as, iPhones, desktops, laptops and iPads. This is how you can do it.

  • Divide the measurement of your image vertically into 12 equal parts.
  • The 1st and 12th parts (last part) are invisible on all devices.
  • The upper portions of your 6th and 7th parts are invisible to your visitors.
  • The lower portions of your 2nd and 3rd parts are invisible to your followers.
  • The upper and lower portions of your 10th and 11th parts are invisible on iPhone applications.
  • Place the important text graphics on upper portion of the 2nd and 3rd parts starting from your left. These portions can be seen in any device.
  • Display your superb image on the 8th and 9th parts because they will be visible to your followers, and can be visible on all devices.

These pointers are not written in black and white; you can always improvise. You can refer to these pointers, but - ultimately - you have to test it on the various devices yourself to determine what works best for the image you have created for your Twitter header.

Step #4 - Create your profile photo

Whether you're using Twitter to promote your business or use it for your own personal socialization, your profile photo must depict the best in your business and in you.

Select a good image that would reflect who you are or what your business is all about to your followers.

The dimensions of your photo must be 400px by 400px. Ascertain that nothing is advertently cropped.

Step #5 - View the final product

You can now view the final product of your Twitter header creation. Do so in various devices so you'll know if you have done it just right. If you're not satisfied with the result, then you'll have to keep creating your header and profile images until you're satisfied. Trial and error is required to come out with the best results.

Step #6 - Tweet only quality tweets

When you tweet, the first thing that Twitter users can see is your header, username, profile photo, bio, and your weblink, so you should create these items carefully to show the reliable services or great features of your business.

That's why to successfully promote your business on Twitter you have to impress them with your business and personal information. And one way of doing this is by tweeting quality tweets. These tweets must be informative, interesting and something users can learn from.

Make use of hashtags so that searchers about your topic will be able to find you. Don't make use of extremely long hashtags because searchers usually use short hashtags. You can do this by placing the (#) sign before the keyword/s.

Examples are: For boxing fight topics - #PacquiaoVsAlgieri; for iPhone topics - #iPhones

Step #7 - Retweet and "Favorite" the tweets of other users

Don't only retweet and "favorite" the tweets of your followers, but also that of other users, which are not your followers. They will surely retweet or "favorite" the tweet too, increasing your exposure to their own followers.

Once this happens, you'll definitely acquire more followers and potential customers to your business.

You can also add to conversations by tweeting well-thought of comments and remarks. Interact actively with other Twitter users. By becoming an active user, Twitter can verify your account more quickly, which will be good for your business. You can also ask sensible questions from other users so you can generate interest and discussions about the topic.

Step #8 - Display your Twitter header image on social media sites and vice versa

This step will ensure the promotion of your business through your Twitter account on all your social media user's page. Your Twitter header and profile image will be displayed together with your Twitter link.

Social media sites such as, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are superb venues to promote your business from Twitter. And what's great about this is that you can do it for free.

Well, if you have put aside a budget for your business promotion, then you can also avail of their paid promotions, which will maximize the online exposure of your business.

Instagram and Pinterest are most especially effective because they are sites where you can display photos ostentatiously. This is because their promotional strategy is through the use of images.

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Your Twitter header image can be prominently displayed in these websites, which can increase your business' online visibility. Make sure that your image is linked to your Twitter account and your business website.

Step #8 - Don't spam

Flooding Twitter with your tweets will turn off some followers, who may block or unfollow you. Intersperse your tweets with informative tweets from other users. This action will demonstrate that you're a valuable member.

Likewise with other social media sites, don't tag or post on your friends' walls continuously. Only do this when you know that they need the information you're providing.

These are all the steps you can accomplish using your Twitter header image to promote your business. You must also observe the following pointers in accomplishing this goal.

Useful pointers on promoting your business

  1. Avoid promoting your business shamelessly. Have some dignity and don't just promote at all cost, ignoring ethical values. They will be annoyed if their feeds are full of your posts. Respect other people. When you respect other users, they will return the favor and they will be interested in you and your business.
  2. Experiment before posting your final Twitter header image. Keep in mind that your header represents your business, so it should be outstanding and impressive.
  3. You can ask experts to create your header image. If you're not certain of your skills, don't hesitate to approach an expert. There are a number of header image experts that you can hire at affordable prices.
  4. Remember to include the link of your business website on your promos. This is crucial to the success of your business promotion. If you don't have a business website or blog, it's time to create one. This will facilitate and enhance your interaction and communication with your customers.
  5. Allow people to know about the benefits they can gain from your business. For you to attract more customers, you should state at the onset what they can get from your business. People will always ask: "What's in it for me?" before clicking your links. Hence, provide them the answer immediately through your header.

When you use all the information contained in this post, you'll increase your chances of succeeding in promoting your business making use of your Twitter header. It's important to note that your dedication and diligence to promote contributes towards the success of your endeavor too.

Do you know any other ways how the Twitter header and profile can increase your social presence? Let us know in the comments.


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