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19 Off Page SEO Techniques to Boost Traffic in 3 Months

Building your online reputation using off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques is crucial if you want to become a respected Internet marketer with a company that has an excellent online reputation.

Your SEO techniques, however, has to be updated regularly because new strategies appear very often. With your competitors properly versed with SEO techniques, you'll have to be alert for updates and new methods.

To build your online reputation, here are 19 reliable steps that you can implement

Step #1 - Create your own blog

Creating your own blog for your website is a superb technique in building the online reputation of your company. Your blog's name must be related to your brand. It should be catchy and interesting. Take note that your blog URL must be the same as the blog's name.

Your customers can interact actively with you in your blog. Provide a chat box, enable comments and leave a suggestion box button where visitors can easily participate in. You'll have to post original articles that are relevant to your product or services, and then promote your posts through social media sites. If you can't create your own original content regularly, you can hire writers to do it for you.

Step #2 - Promote your company through social media sites

You can then proceed to promote your company's website and blog through social media sites by signing up with these free services. Create a user profile that best represents your company. You can post the links of both your website and your blog in your profile.

Here are some social media sites you can sign up with:

There are still other social media sites out there but sign up only with those that you can actively participate in. You can use the list above because these sites are more popular than the others.

If you can hire someone who can sign up for you in the other social media sites, then do so. But ensure that you're an active member in all of these sites. Otherwise, there's no use in signing up with them. It's only through interaction with other users that you can build up your brand.

Step #3 - Create your own widget

Create a clickable flashy and catchy widget for your brand. Display this on all social media sites that you're a member of. The widget must represent your online brand, so it has to be perfect. It has to be visually attractive, as well, to entice users to click it.

Step #4 - Enlist your website and blog in Search Engines

This is an important step because online surfers use search engines to find products and services. If you're not listed, these applications will have a difficult time crawling your sites.

Examples of these search engines include:

Step #5 - Submit your website and blog to online directories

Aside from submitting to search engines listings, you must submit the link of your website and blog to online directories. This will increase your visibility to online users; thus, improving your online reputation.

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Examples of these online directories include:

You can also submit your blog to blog directories such as:

Step #6 - Include local listing of your sites

Aside from going global, listing your sites in the local directory is recommended. Your target audience would be your local community. You would be surprised how this can ultimately gain more visitors to your website and your blog.

Examples of these are:

Step #7 - Submit your website and blog to RSS feed directories

This will further enhance your website and blog's online exposure. Not many Internet marketers are aware that RSS directories are powerful tools to use in maximizing your advertising campaign. There are hundreds of them. You have to select the most popular and optimize them for your own advantage.

Examples of these are:

Step #8 - Actively participate in review sites

When you actively participate in review sites, the chances of other people reviewing your site are also increased. Even in the blogosphere the adage, "love begets love" applies. So, write sincere and interesting reviews about other sites, products and services and eventually, you'll be accorded the same courtesy.

Don't expect anything though when writing your reviews. This way you won't get disappointed. Write reviews only for websites that you genuinely like.

Examples of these sites are:

Step #9 - Write a guest post for other blogs

If you can write impeccably, you can volunteer to write for free for popular blogs or websites. This is your chance to post a link to your website and your blog. If popular and high ranking sites accept your article, then you're increasing your online reputation.

Step #10 - Increase your quality backlinks

If you succeed to step #9, you'll get quality backlinks.

A number of sites sell backlinks, but you must never buy. If you think you'll increase your Page Rank quickly by buying, you're wrong. Avoid buying these backlinks because you will get in trouble with Google.

Google is in charge of your Page Rank, so if it penalizes you, it will lower your sites' rank in its search engines. Google will also lower your Page Rank, thus, ruining your online reputation. This also goes true when you exchange links with other sites. Too much of these will ruin your Page Rank.

Don't make back linking your ultimate goal when interacting with other sites. Link only to sites that you truly consider interesting and valuable. If they link back to you that would be great. Internet marketers call this link baiting.

If they don't, don't make a big deal out of it, and don't demand that they link back. If your content is interesting, they'll voluntarily link back to your site. Google has a way of knowing about spurious links.

Step #11 - Practice internal linking

This is one essential method that is often forgotten. Create links from one related post to another within your own blog. Some themes have an application that shows related posts within the site. You can select these themes so that your visitors can easily click other related articles.

Step #12 - Submit relevant articles to article sites

There are various article sites that you can submit an article to. You'll gain a backlink from your "author's page" and this will increase your online exposure.

Examples of these are:

Step #13 - Share your site's documents online

There are sharing applications provided by Google Docs and Slide Share. Even Facebook provides this feature. You can share your sites' documents to other online users. This will increase potential visitors to your site. When your sites' traffic increases, your online integrity does too, resulting in increased earnings.

Step #14 - Participate in forums

There are several forums for different niches. You can choose related niches to your product or services and participate actively.

Examples of these are:

In these sites, you can exchange ideas and information about your company. You'll be able to expand your network successfully. Remember to add the links of your website and blog to your user's page.

Step #15 - Brand your products through social shopping networks

This is one free technique in building your brand. Enlist your product in the following social shopping networks:

Your listing in these product sites will not only increase your online reputation but will also attract potential customers to your products.

Step #16 - Share the images of your products on photo sharing sites

The images or photos of your products or services are excellent tools in promoting your company. Images tend to attract more customers when they're visually appealing. Create an original and captivating image or photo of your brand and share them in photo sharing sites.

Here are some photo-sharing sites:

Step #17 - Share your product videos in video sharing sites

Create an original, informative and interesting video of your product and services and share them in video sharing sites. Choose a thumbnail of the video that can capture the eyes of viewers.

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Some video sharing sites that you can use:

Step #18 - Enlist your site in social bookmarking sites

This is one effective method of building your online reputation. All you have to do is to sign up for these free services. Of course, you'll have to interact actively with the other users so they'll help promote your website and blog.

Here are some social bookmarking sites you can sign up with:

There are hundreds of bookmarking sites online that you can use. These are the most common.

Step #19 - Buy ad spaces to promote your company

If you want to go full-blown in your promotion, and you have the financial resources, you can pay for ads spaces to promote your product and services. You can pay experts to help you in your advertising campaign.

However, this is advisable when you have sufficient finances. It's still best to take advantage of the free services and be diligent in implementing the steps.

When you adopt all of these effective techniques in building your online reputation, you'll surely succeed in the end. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying. Persistence and determination will always bring you success.

Are you aware of other off page SEO techniques? Let us know in the comments.


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