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What's Your Google AdSense Average CTR? Increase It in 6 Steps

As an online entrepreneur, you often hear Google AdSense earners talking about CTR like it was some kind of phenomenon.

In some ways, it is, because it's the enigmatic force that determines your AdSense earnings for the month.

On top of that, no one knows the exact basis of the CTR displayed in their Google AdSense reports. Also, the details of the CTR and PPC cannot be revealed as part of the guidelines set by Google. But what is this "thing" called CTR?

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click-Through-Rates. According to reputable websites, it is the percentage of clicks based on the number of ad exposures. The CTR can be computed making use of this formula :

CTR = number of clicks divided by the number of total ad exposures and then multiplied by 100.

An example is this: If your total ad exposure is 200 and your total number of clicks is 5, your CTR would be 2.5 %.

Here's how the CTR was computed in this given data: CTR = 5/200 x 100 = 2.5 %

Generally, the higher the CTR, the more clicks, hence, the more Google AdSense earnings.

A higher CTR, though, is not always an indication of higher earnings. This is due to the fact that there are other factors that can contribute to AdSense earnings such as, RPM, PPC and CPM.

The average norm is around 0.5% to 3% CTR for common websites. Based on data online, the highest safe CTR is not known to website owners.

There are sites that generated 25% to 30% CTRs but were not investigated by Google AdSense, and there were sites with only 15% CTR that were investigated. So, Google have definitely considered other factors in the determination of fraudulent CTRs.

Nevertheless, CTRs can serve as good indicators of a website's earning capacity.

When can you say that your site has a good CTR?

A good CTR cannot be described specifically because AdSense has not disclosed this information.

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Based on observation, a good CTR is one that allows you to earn good payouts from your site, but at the same time not endangering your site from Google's possible account cancelation.

Websites with very high CTRs are usually investigated by Google to determine if there are any fraudulent clicks.

Aside from increased earnings, what is the importance of a good CTR?

Importance off a good CTR

  • Your site's CTR can serve as a measure of how your visitors behave on your site. How many are actually clicking on your ads? You have to now this information so you can tweak your ads' color and size, or do something about their placement.
  • The CTR is the basis of Google AdSense and other advertisers in choosing whether to advertise or not on your site. The higher the CTR, the most likely advertisers will pay to display ads in your site.
  • The CTR is an indication of how relevant your post is to the ads. There will be more click-through-rates if the ads are relevant to the post on your website.
  • The CTR signifies the quality of your website. It's assumed that the higher the CTR of your site, the more is its quality.
  • As previously mentioned, Google AdSense also makes use of the site's CTR to determine if there are any fraudulent clicks. So, if your CTR is extremely high, Google AdSense will manually review your website to determine this. This is because the occurrence is highly suspicious.

How to increase the CTR of your website

1. Write quality content

This is the most important factor in increasing your website's CTR. It's the solid foundation of your Google AdSense earnings. Without it, no matter what tweaking you do, you can never achieve a high CTR.

That's why it's extremely important that you write original, quality content for your site.

Quality content is also one of the major SEO requirements; hence, you're shooting two birds with one stone - you'll earn more from Google AdSense and your Page Rank will increase together with your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) placement.

Rich content will ALWAYS generate organic traffic. Organic traffic usually comes from search engines, so visitors come to your site purposely wanting to find more about your topic. Thus, they're more likely to click on your displayed ads.

Keep in mind, if you want to earn more, write quality posts.

2. Place your ads above the fold

Your Google AdSense ads must be placed "Above the Fold". This means that your ads must be placed on the upper half of your site. Your ads must be clearly visible to your visitor even without scrolling down.

Based on the experiences of website managers, the best position is just below the title of the post; the upper right and left columns beside the post; and the center portion of your site.

Don't place ads on the topmost area of your site because visitors rarely notice these ads. The reason? The eye usually focuses at eye-level, which is the area above the fold, but not on top of the fold.

Probloggers found out that the most productive placement of ads is placing the ads after the title and before the content. Ads with dimensions 336 x 280 large rectangles or the 300 x 250 medium rectangles are the most effective.

Meanwhile, the 320 x 100 large mobile banners are the most effective ads on mobile devices. It's up to you to make the final decision.

The 728x90 leaderboard and the 300x600 half page can also be good choices.

You can experiment and observe what ads bring in the most clicks to your particular site.

Switch the placement of your ads every now and then to prevent "Banner Blindness". Your regular visitors are so used to the location of the ads that they may turn blind and would no longer notice them.

3. Change the colors and the sizes of the ads every now and then

Vary your ads' color and shape and experiment to find out what works best for you. Don't be afraid to explore the size and color of your AdSense ads.

Of course, never tweak the code because your account will be surely banned by Google AdSense.

Try new ad sizes too to determine which one is the most reliable in increasing your click-through-rates.

Sometimes, Google AdSense sends some recommendations about your ads, so check your email regularly for any suggestions from Google AdSense on how to increase your CTR.

4. Use the correct keywords

Keywords are very important in generating traffic to your site. Therefore, you should use the correct keywords. You have to do some research in choosing the right keywords for your topic.

What's the most used keywords of online surfers when searching for your topic? Research on this and then, use it. You can try AdWords or the search engines to find these suitable keywords.

A case study was done on two similar sites with the same ad placement, ad size and ad colors. The difference is only in the keywords used. The site using the more relevant keywords earned more CTR than the site using irrelevant keywords.

Hence, pay attention to the keywords that you use for your posts. It can mean the increase or decrease of your click-through-rates.

5. De-clutter your site

Every week or every month, you have to perform a clean-up of your site. De-clutter it. Do away with poor posts or improve them. Remove all unnecessary and unwanted ads that don't add value to your earnings.

To determine these ads that don't convert, use your "heatmaps". Your "heatmap" will indicate which ads are earning the most and which ads have no clicks.

Google analytics is a superb tool to help you de-clutter your site. It presents all the vital information you want to know about the visitors to your site. It's free, so take advantage of its services.

6. Generate more organic traffic to your site

This is one of your ultimate goals - to drive more organic traffic to your site. To do this, you'll have to write great content; use the proper keywords; compose catchy titles and headlines; and advertise, advertise and advertise.

To generate more traffic to your site, you should advertise and broaden your online network. This will make more people aware of the rich content on your website.

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Advertising on social media networks can help a lot in increasing your site's reach. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn are the most popular social networking sites. You can sign up and do your advertising from your user page.

You can also utilize article, music, video and image sharing sites to advertise. Don't forget your email advertising, which can do wonders to increase your network.

The broader your network is, the more likely you'll attract potential clients who can increase your click-through-rates.

On another note, NEVER ask your visitors to click your ads just to increase your click-through-rates - even in secret.

Google will always catch up with your dishonest practice, and once it does your Google AdSense account will be banned immediately. And this is most likely - forever.

These are all the relevant information you need to increase your CTR. You must remember that everything boils down to gaining visitors that are genuinely interested in your post. The source of this is usually organic traffic.

No matter how huge your traffic is, if your visitors are only there for sightseeing, you can never increase your click-through-rates and your Google AdSense earnings significantly.

Do you have a high CTR? Let us know in the comments.


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