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How-To: Link Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr

Smart online entrepreneurs know the crucial importance of linking their social networking accounts to one another. This will facilitate the sharing of their links and post on all of their user's pages.

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You will surely want to link your online accounts. To ascertain that you will be doing it correctly, here are the basic things that you must remember.

The basics of linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Tumblr

  1. You have to sign up with Tumblr first. It's free so just go ahead and provide the necessary data needed for you to sign up.
  2. You can share on Twitter and Facebook through your "Settings" button, by clicking your Tumblr display picture.
  3. For Twitter, choose "Share posts on Twitter" and then a new box will appear allowing you to sign in on Twitter.
  4. For Facebook, you'll be able to view "Facebook's share post on your theme". This will open a tab, which will allow you to sign in into your Facebook account.
  5. You'll have to approve by clicking "OK" from a box that appears next, asking if you're authorizing Tumblr in accessing your Twitter and Facebook profile, together with your friends' list.
  6. Another option appears where you can choose whether you want to share the post on your timeline, or whether you would want to view your "likes" and comments. You can tick the boxes of your preferences.
  7. Customize carefully how you want your Tumblr photos or content be shared on Twitter and Facebook.
  8. Keep in mind that once you publish your posts, they will be floating online forever. On the other hand, don't sweat it out, though, because you can easily delete and edit your entries on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

These are the basic steps that you should follow when linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Tumblr.

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Increase your social network and benefit from it eventually.


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