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How-To: Have a Facebook Yard Sale

Everyone is familiar with the concept of a yard sale. You sell your unneeded items in your yard for a fraction of the original price. However, this method of selling does not often lead to complete sales.

At times, there are still a lot of items that wind up in the trash bins or the local Salvation Army depot. Aside from that, you won't be able to reach buyers that live beyond your neighborhood.

Solution: Have a Facebook yard sale!

Doing Your Yard Sale the Virtual Way

The easiest way to conduct a yard sale without time limitation is by posting your merchandise on Facebook. Since its inception, millions of people access the site every day. Posting products for sale using this social media breaks down geographical boundaries. You literally have potential customers all over the world.

1. Create a Photo Album

You need a way to show your customers what you are selling. Start by creating a new album and giving it an attractive name. Avoid generic names like Stuff for Sale because it can give people the impression you are here only to make money and that might even cause them to block you. You want to give the impression that your goods are in great condition and have been well looked after.

Examples of attractive names:

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  • Treasures for Sale
  • Ye Old Clothing Rack
  • Closet Cleanout
  • Vintage Boutique Store
  • Old School Garage Sale

In the album description, include details about the payment method, reasons why you are selling, where you got your items from, and don't forget your contact details. A secret marketing tip to entice your customers is to add that you are sad to see your things go. This instantly draws people to your stuff and make them want to buy. Here is an example template that you can change and copy:

Everything in this album contains clothes, books and CDs that I am selling before leaving for college. I accept PayPal and cheque. Everything is in great condition, and were much loved. I am sad to watch them go. For more information place call XXXX-XXX-XXX or email

For the album cover, you can choose an image containing your album name, or a photo containing samples of the things you are selling. Make sure it is appealing and targets your customers.

Most importantly, don't forget to set the privacy option to something other than Only Me so that people will be able to see your album.

Start by creating a new album, giving it an attractive name and cover

2. Upload Photos of Your Stuff

You can upload a new photo for each item you are selling, or you can create a collage containing a collection of similar items. If you are choosing the latter, make sure you have a way to identify each item. You can do so by using the tag feature on Facebook, or you can manually put letters beside each item on the collage.

In the description of the photo, list as must information as you can, including measurements, condition, RRP, brand and the price you are asking. If you are selling multiple of the same things, remember to list the stocks you have left, and remember to update it whenever someone buys something.

Upload a new photo for each item you are selling

3. Promote Your Sale

Look through your friends and tag everyone you think will be interested in your products. Limit to only having 10 to 15 tagged friends because you don't want to be seen as a spammer.

Next, share your album onto your timeline several times a day. For each share, make sure you change the album cover so that people that have already seen your album will be able to see something new.

Share once in the morning for the early risers to see, and another during the afternoon for people coming home from work or school. To increase the number of people seeing it, "boosting" your post may be another option where you pay Facebook to make your album appear higher in your friends' feeds.

If your products are appealing, you will start to receive messages or emails from customers very soon. Some may come in the form of photo comments so make sure you check there frequently too.

Share your album onto your timeline several times a day

The Advantages of Selling through Facebook

  1. Potential to be viral. By simply tagging some friends in your post, your sales pitch can easily reach other people who may not be in your circle. Your pals have their own sets of friends who might be interested in the items that you are selling.
  2. Easy communication. Unlike other means of selling products such as on Craigslist, you don't need to be tied down to a telephone answering queries. People can either post their queries or simply send you a private message to which you can reply at your most convenient time.
  3. Confidence. People are more likely to buy something online if they know that they are dealing with a real person. Facebook, in a way, establishes trust because people see you through your profile. In the same note, you also feel confident that you will less likely be taken advantage of because you know who you are transacting with.
  4. It's Free. Unlike other internet-based markets like eBay or Amazon, you are not required to fill up forms or set up payment methods to sell. It's as simple as posting a photo of your product and writing a bit of description about it and you're off to selling your merchandise.

If you really want to earn money on the sides by selling stuff on Facebook, you may want to create your own yard sales page. You can invite your friends and family who can also invite others to join your yard sale group. You may also want to join other existing Facebook groups to expand your market base.

There are no limitations to what you can do with Facebook. So instead of just logging in to see who posted what, make your Facebook session profitable by selling products.


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