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How-To: Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website

What would be more awesome than to be getting backlinks to your website from reliable and trusted sources? These types of link juices will increase your sites online visibility and daily revenues so that you will be able to make more money online.

How cool can that be?

Most website owners and managers don't realize that there are excellent unknown backlink sources that they can optimize.

If you're also a site owner with the same goals, you have to break away from the mold and utilize these hidden sources of quality backlinks.

Here are some uncommon sources of backlinks:

Charitable Online sites

For a small amount of donation, you can earn a backlink from these highly ranked sites. Surely, obtaining a backlink from a site with PR8 is a boon.

Of course, you have to separate the chaff from the gem. Peruse the sites' legitimacy first before donating your hard earned money.

Go over customers' review of the company and decide judiciously. Once you gain even one of these backlinks, you've hit a jackpot.

This is worth more than a hundred links from low ranking sites.

Audio sharing sites

These sites are commonly not in the list of website owners. They tend to go for Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Audio sharing sites have lots to offer. You share your audios and, in turn, get a juicy link to your site.

Create a legit profile and contribute without spamming and you're well on your way to success.

These are some of audio sharing sites you can enlist in:


This is an effective mean to get good backlinks. Although it's not free, it's not that expensive. Also, you can create your own infographics using free tools.

You can avail of cheap infographics designers from Odesk or Freelance.

Afterwards, submit it to sharing sites such as:

Offer the infographics for free to bloggers and couple it with a review of their blogs. Many bloggers will agree with your sensible offer.

Aggregator sites

There are various aggregator sites you can enlist in. Most of them are free. You just submit your blog and then add an HTML of the aggregator site in your blog and wait for their verification.

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These sites will provide you free traffic too, when surfers peruse their pages for related topics. One leading aggregator site is Technorati.

Feedback sites

These sites usually provide site/blog reviews or site feedbacks regarding speed, template, layout or design. They rate your site according to standard criteria and establish your legitimacy.

Examples are:

Write testimonials

Popular websites often request testimonials. You can write one and obtain a great backlink to your blog. However, you should only write testimonials for products and services you truly appreciate.

If you endorse just about anything offered to you, you'll lose your online integrity eventually. You must be honest while obtaining your links and you'll get there for sure.

You can find these sites through Google or Yahoo search engines.

Blog directories

By submitting your blog to these directories, you can earn a good backlink for free. They can also rank your site according to its niche.

You'll learn how your blog ranks as compared to others through this ranking system.

Make sure you've listed your blog in the correct category, or you'll end up losing your site visitors.

Blogger's Reviews

Offer a free item or product to bloggers belonging to the same niche as yours. You can request a feedback after they have used your product.

Be careful not to demand that the blogger should link to your site.

Be tactful. Be careful not to demand that the blogger should link to your site. Allow him the freedom to choose whether to link or not.

If he doesn't, then consider it as a stepping stone to improve your product.

You can send them a nice email or message informing them of your offer. Your email must be simple, respectful and straightforward.

Here's an example of an email:

Hi (blogger's name),

I've been surfing online for a reliable pet site - a similar niche to mine, and I came across your blog.

I'm promoting my new dog shampoo and I want to find out how you find the product. Your valuable input will help me improve this product. I'd be happy to give it to you for free, during this trial phase.

Should you be interested, feel free to email me back. Thank you.

Best regards,

Free writing sites and marketplaces

Free writing sites such as Fiverr, Triond, and Odesk can provide quality links to your blog or site.

At Fiverr, you can search for that high-ranking site that can provide you high-quality links.

There are thousands of these at Fiverr, but choose one that has related content to your site and is highly ranked by Google to ensure the validity of your backlink.

At Triond and Odesk, you can sign up and then post a link to your site from your user information page.

These websites have high Google Page Ranks that will increase your site's credibility once you've gained their backlinks.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

By signing up with HARO, you can get reliable backlinks. Sign up, and agree to receive emails from reporters who want help for their articles. Reply to questions or posts that you're an expert in.

Prove your expertise by mentioning your credentials and identifying your specific niche. This will allow them to link to your site.

Construct your emails and replies in a simple and comprehensive manner. They should demonstrate that you know the topic well.

Search for backlinks in sites that are out of business

When sites in the same niche as yours have gone out of business, their links in other sites may still exist. You can grab this opportunity to change those links to yours by sending sincere messages to the party concerned.

You can inform them of the non-existent site and of how they can benefit by linking to your site instead. You have to convince them that since you belong to the same niche, both of you will benefit from exchanging links.

Scoop It

You can post the links to your favorite posts in a magazine format and get some link juice from this site. Your backlinks will come from other Scoop It users, who find your content informative and interesting.

Find a highly ranked Scoop It page and suggest your content to the user. If your content is interesting, you'd expect a number of backlinks in no time at all.

Writing about popular topics

This is done by selecting a popular topic online and then writing about that topic to surpass the original content. Then reach out to the persons who have linked to the article. Use White Hat SEO techniques to write high-quality content.

Building broken links

You can act as the Good Samaritan by searching for broken links of popular sites and informing the website owner about them. If you're adept enough, you may be able to obtain a link to your site or blog.

Using Google Search and the necessary keywords, your search for broken links can be facilitated.

Guest posting

You may say that guest posting is a common method to obtain backlinks. You can offer to write a guest post in highly ranked sites for free in exchange for a backlink.

However, searching for guest posting jobs on Twitter is uncommon. Use hash tags to look for these guest posting jobs such as, #GuestPostsHealth, #GuestPostingOffers, #GuestPosting, or #YourNiche + GuestPosting.

You can vary your hash tags based on your site's niche or category.

.edu websites

(Dot) edu websites are excellent sources of backlinks. This is because they provide rich content, reliable services and quality links.

If you're able to secure a backlink from these sites, then you will be on cloud nine. This is a tremendous asset to your site.

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Search for university teachers and students that are in your field and contact them if they can put your link on their homepages.


Forum sites are great sources of backlinks. Sign up as a member and post the link to your site or blog from your user's profile.

You may also answer questions from other users and post the links of related and informative articles from your site.

An example is Yahoo Answers. It is a huge community where you can post questions and answers and include links to relevant articles/posts in your site.

Google+ (Google Plus)

Google is the primary site online and being able to obtain a backlink from Google is a site owner's dream. No sweat! You can accomplish this easily with Google+.

All you have to do is to create your Google Plus profile and share or post the links to your articles.

If your Google circle users share your links, then you'll gain as many backlinks as possible.

Who says you can't get a backlink from the most powerful site online? I dare say, you can!

It's every site owner's dream to increase traffic to his site and double his earnings. And it's never too late to build your backlink sources from high-quality sites to achieve your dream.

All you need is a dash of ingenuity, a determined stance and a stroke of good luck.

Do you know any other ways to get backlinks? Let us know in the comments.


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