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How-To: Add Full Sized Photos on Instagram

Posting your original photos on Instagram - without cropping them - will surely retain their beautiful quality.

The problem, however, is that most of the time, you have to crop your pictures so they could fit Instagram pictures' specifications, which is 612 px by 612 px.

You don't have to endure this problem anymore. There's a solution to it - the use of helpful online apps.

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Here are online apps that you can use to post un-cropped photos on Instagram


Use this app to obtain your photo from your Apple device. Then upload the entire photo to your Instagram account without having to crop anything in your photo. It has less editing options than InstaSize and No Crop (see below), but it is still a valuable tool in preserving your entire photo.


This is another useful device in retaining the original size of your large photos. All you have to do is to obtain the photo from your Apple or Android device, and then edit the borders and upload it on Instagram.

The newest version, Version 2.9.21, provides new and exciting borders for special occasions. You can add these borders to your photos to celebrate the day. It's so convenient to use, as well.

No Crop

No crop is great in automatically preparing your full size photos to be uploaded on Instagram. Say "no" to cropping by using No Crop. It will enable you to display the grandeur and beauty of your landscapes and huge photos.

You can obtain this app through your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. Use the newest update of this app, the Version 8.0.1, which allows you to add various shapes of your own choosing.

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Tips to remember when using these apps

  • Follow the instructions properly. If it doesn't work, it's because you did it wrong.
  • Use the other Instagram apps to enhance the beauty and vividness of your photos.
  • Don't pose too personal photos. Once they are posted online, there's a possibility that they could get into the wrong hands.

Using these apps will facilitate the sharing of your photos on Instagram. They are all user-friendly and convenient to use as long as you have the appropriate device.

Hence, enjoy optimizing your Instagram experience by posting your awesome photos on Instagram with the use of these helpful apps.


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