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How-To: Add a New Admin to Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook can be complex at times with all its apps, services and features. Yet, these are the things that make Facebook the no.1 social media site.

Creating a Fan Page for your topic, product, services, or simply, for yourself is an excellent method to increase your network of friends or clients.

If you still haven't created your Fan Page, then create one. You'll surely enjoy the tremendous benefits that come with it.

When you have already a huge fan base, you can appoint an additional admin to your Fan Page.

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How to add a new admin to your Facebook Page

Step #1 - Sign in to your Facebook account and go to your timeline

Step #2 - Click "Edit Page". It is found at the top most portion of the page. Proceed to step #3.

Step #3 - Click "Manage Admin Roles" from the choices. Go over the things that he/she can do first. Do you give that person the liberty to send messages, create insights, ads and posts on your page? If you do, then go ahead and add the person as an admin to your page.

Step #4 - Fill out the necessary information for your new admin such as, name or email address. If you want one of your Facebook friends to become the new admin, just type his/her Facebook name. You can add more admins by clicking "Add another admin", and then filling out the necessary data.

Step #5 - Don't forget this important step or you'll lose all the data you have previously entered. Click "Save" and you're all set to go.

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Step #6 - Preview your updated page Remember to preview your updated Facebook Page. Double check if you have, indeed, selected the correct person as your admin.

You're now all set to maximize your Facebook Page with your new admin/s. Explore and enjoy all the features offered by your Facebook Page such as building your audience, boosting your posts and many more awesome features that will increase its popularity.


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