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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Pinterest

If you're not on Pinterest, you're not updated with online social media sites. Pinterest is a fast growing image social sharing site that every website owner should include in his tools for advertising. Pinterest allows members to manage, display and share, images with other users.

Signing up is free. You can put up your account within 15 minutes. Once you're signed in, you can create and manage your own boards. At present, Pinterest has more than 70 million users. Imagine the exposure you can get if you'd gain just a teeny weeny percentage of followers from these users.

Here are 15 effective ways to get more followers:

1. Provide a good profile

A good profile will attract more followers; therefore, you have to put your best foot forward. Display a presentable and respectful image of yourself and of your brand.

The quality of your images does matter on Pinterest because your images are your display tools to attract your followers. Provide only superb images through your profile. A professional image will increase your chances of gaining more followers, so make the most out of it.

2. Follow other users

After creating an excellent "about me" profile, start following other users. You can begin with your friends who are already members. Then you can proceed to follow users belonging to the same niche as you do.

Next, choose other niches in which you're interested in. Avoid following users that are in niches you don't like. It's best to steer clear from these users. You can't feign interest. You must be sincerely interested in the posts of other users so you can interact with them actively.

3. Connect to other social media sites

If you are a member of other social media sites, you can connect to your account on Facebook and Twitter. This will maximize your exposure and increase your online visibility. Pinterest has an application that can help you connect easily with other social media sites. Make use of it. This will surely increase your Pinterest followers.

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4. Use Viralwoot

Use Viralwoot, which is a Pinterest application that can help you gain more followers. It can also promote and create your pins. You can conveniently schedule when to post your pins using Viralwoot. This application is free and would be of tremendous help in automating your Pinning. Take advantage of these online applications that can automate the process of your system.

5. Pin quality images

Pin and repin only images that have caught your interest. That's precisely why the site is called Pinterest. It's better not to pin anything if you think your image is not interesting. Try to be original and unique from other pins. Your followers will unfollow you once they notice your images are not at par with their standards.

Prepare your pins meticulously - even if you'll spend considerable time to do it - but you'll surely benefit hugely in the end. You can explore the features of your camera to capture your own brilliant pictures.

6. Posts must be informative

Your posts in your site must provide relevant information to the image and link you've posted on Pinterest. Once your followers prove that your posts are rich in information, they'll recommend you to their circle of friends.

Word by mouth is still the most significant way of obtaining your followers. You'll also become a valuable member of the Pinterest community, increasing your online integrity.

7. Pin interesting videos

You can pin interesting videos to gain more followers. Select an eye-catching snippet of the video as the display clip. Aside from images, this is one legitimate method to increase your Pinterest followers. Videos are more interactive than mere texts. They can be more difficult in creating but they can draw huge numbers of followers if these videos go viral.

8. Create catchy board names

Everything you do on Pinterest must be attention grabbing - even the name of your images' boards. Unique names can also catch attention. "Wacky Vacation" can attract more users than "Vacation", right? So, be original and ingenious. Create board names that can be fun and interesting, as well. Allow your imagination to run wild.

9. Repin other users' images

One effective way to gain more followers is to be a follower yourself. Follow users who share the same interests as you have. Follow users who share pins that lead to brilliant posts. Follow users who sincerely interact with you. Follow users who follow you. However, you can always unfollow if the user pins useless links or images.

10. Use relevant hashtags

For your image to appear promptly in search engines, you have to use hashtags. Hashtags are keywords about your topic with the symbol # before it. Your hashtags must be relevant to the image or topic.

It must not be too long because search engines may not recognize it. Examples are: #blogging, #internetmarketers, #makemoney and #blogs.

11. Add a Pinterest profile on your website

It's important to note that one of the easiest ways to get more followers is to add your Pinterest profile in your own website or blog. With a quality and informative post, it will be convenient for your readers to simply click the Pinterest button on your site to follow you on Pinterest. This will also facilitate the sharing of your posts by Pinterest users.

12. Tag other users

Tagging other users will draw more attention to your posts. Take note though that you don't spam the accounts of other users, or they'll unfollow you immediately. Tag only those who you think will be fascinated with your images or videos. You can do this by adding the "@" sign before searching. An example is @legal, if you're searching for a lawyer or related terms. That's why it's crucial to create superb images and videos so that you can tag all your followers.

13. Be an active user

Interact with other users by pinning, liking and commenting on their images and videos. Refrain from re-pinning images that you don't find interesting. Be sincere and share only those you think can be of help to users.

Also, you can leave sensible comments that will add value to the image. Don't just leave one-liners such as, "interesting image", "great!", and then expect users to follow you. Comment on why you think the image is interesting or great. State why the image inspires you.

Let the user know that you appreciate what he has shared. Only through a heartfelt interaction can you connect with other users.

14. Brand your Pinterest images

If you're an Internet marketer, branding your pins will help a lot in promoting your product. You may want to offer promos, discounts or freebies of your product to attract more followers. Create a branded board solely for your company. Display only excellent images that reflect the superb services of your company.

15. Join groups in the same niche

Forming a group of users belonging to the same niche will help increase your followers. However, you'll have to be an active member of your group. Some experts say that you shouldn't follow your competitors. But, this will depend on your intuition.

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If your competitor doesn't follow you back and you feel you can't benefit at all from being a follower, then don't follow. You can opt for other related non-competitive niches. Let's say your product is about fashion, you can follow users who belong to the designer or dress distributor niches. You'll have to decide on a case by case basis.

These are the 15 effective ways to get more followers on Pinterest. Implement them religiously and you'll definitely gain more followers in the long run.

Here are some pointers too that can help you achieve your goal.

  1. Be confident. Believe you can gain a lot of followers and you can. Having self-confidence that you'll succeed is winning half the battle. As the cliche goes: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win."
  2. Be positive. Project your positive side always and your users will multiply exponentially. People love optimistic persons because they attract positive vibes and success.
  3. Be consistent. Post your images and videos at designated times, so your followers will know when to expect your posts. Consistency will attract more users.
  4. Maintain your followers. Don't think that you don't need to connect to other users once they have followed you. You'll have to nurture your connections with them so they won't unfollow you.
  5. Avoid buying Pinterest followers. There are many sites that will offer this tempting service, but don't bite. These are similar to Link Farms, which are sanctioned by Google. It can be an easy way to gain followers, but consider the eventual ramification. If Google detects any violation in your account, it can ban your images from its search engines forever. So, what will be the use of your huge followers if you don't benefit from it as you should? Albeit your followers will still be there, they'll be not as useful as your genuine followers.
  6. Add value to the Pinterest community. Once you're a reliable source of good information for the Pinterest community, you'll start gaining more followers.

Gaining more followers on Pinterest can be relatively easy if you implement these steps and persist until you get more followers. With a positive frame of mind, you'll surely succeed!

Are you aware of any other ways to get followers on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments.


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