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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Google Plus

If you're on Google Plus and you want to get more followers, this post is for you. Why should you gain more followers on Google Plus? It's because the number of followers you have on a social media site is indicative of your online popularity, making it a must for not only individuals, but also businesses that wants to reach out to their customers.

Google Plus users are no different from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest users, they also want to gain more followers. What more, having a huge number of followers reflects the extent of your network. The broader your network is, the more exposure your website, product, and services have. It's no wonder then that every user dreams of a million followers on social media sites.

Google Plus provides a means to post updates, links, images, and almost anything under the sun for your followers. It's similar to Facebook in terms of sharing and tagging. The difference is that "groups" are called "circles" and there are "hangouts" where members can chat.

This is a list of 15 reliable ways to get more followers on Google Plus.

1. Create an impressive profile

Whether you like it or not, your user's profile depicts who you are as a person. A poor and haphazardly created profile can turn off some users. Create a valid and significant profile that would make a positive statement to other members. This will certainly get you more followers.

2. Share informative content

When posting links or content, ensure that these are informative and worth their time. Avoid posting extremely personal information. Most of your followers don't want to know what you ate for dinner, or the new gown you've recently bought; unless these are related to your brand.

3. Join circles

You have to select appropriate circles that you can join, and circles that you can classify your followers into. Generally, there are 4 circles namely, family, friends, acquaintances, and followers. Through this classification, you can easily post your links in the circle that you have chosen.

Also, you can create topic circles to target specific users and topics. Users must add you to their circles before they can view your posts though. In addition, feel free to invite other users to follow you and join your circle.

4. Optimize the use of your hangouts

Use hangouts to hang out with your circle of friends. These hangouts may be formed for a certain niche or genre. You can engage in meaningful conversations in your hangouts with a group of 10 users.

You can also watch live video streaming and do video chats in groups or in person to person mode. There are specific hangouts you can join such as, business, music, education, entertainment, and several other niches.

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5. Promote your content

Just like any other social media site, you have to promote your content to maximize your online exposure on Google Plus. Promote your content by inviting members to give their "Plus" to your post. Publicly sharing your posts is recommended if you want to broaden the reach of your content.

6. Post regularly

Post regularly so that your users will realize that your posts are updated and constant. If you post regularly, your followers will know when to expect your updates. Search engines will also crawl your page regularly, the more you post. Researches have proven that the more a user posts, the more likely he will be followed by other users.

Hence, be regular and consistent in posting. If you have decided to post daily, you have to do it daily. If you have decided to post once a week, then don't fail to post every week.

7. Connect with other social media sites

There are applications that can connect your social media sites with one another. Connecting your Google Plus account with Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites will increase your followers. Write a short introduction of what you can offer, if they follow you on these sites.

8. Interact with other members

It's not enough that you post excellent content. It's also imperative that you interact with other members.

There are many way to interact with other users:

  • Clicking the "Plus" means that you're giving a thumbs up to the content. You can do this with posts that you find engaging and informative.
  • Inviting them to your circle and sharing your posts is a way to interact with other users to gain more followers.
  • Sharing their posts with your circle. This will definitely earn more followers for you. You don't only share yours; you have to help them too to promote their posts.
  • Visiting their pages as often as you can, and giving a Plus to posts that have sparked your interest.
  • Asking questions and feedbacks from users is a practical way to interact with them.

9. Comment on posts of other members

Leave significant comments on the post of other members. Don't just say "This is great!" or other one-liners that don't contribute value to the discussion. If you have given a thumbs-up for a post, you can add the rationale why you did so. This will spark the interest of other users, and soon they'll be following you, once they'll notice your persistence in interacting with them.

10. Display your Google Plus page on your website

There are several applications that combine all the social media sites in one aggregator where you can simply click the button of the site you want to promote your post to. Google Plus has a widget too that you can add to your website or to each of your post so that your readers can readily click it to follow you on Google.

11. Target specific contents

Targeting specific contents can bolster your followers' count because of its particular classification. By using your circles, you can target content. An example is when your post is about fashion and beauty; you can join or create a circle on fashion and beauty. This will attract users who are into fashion and beauty. You have to post content that your followers are interested in so that they'll not unfollow you.

12. Conduct a contest or a poll

One effective way to attract more followers is to conduct a contest or a poll. You can create a contest about the most significant comment, or run a poll about your most remarkable post.

13. Offer some freebies

You can also give out freebies such as, eBooks, Music CDs, or website themes. You can give out special discounts to your loyal followers, as well. Use your imagination to think of ways to generate interest in your posts, but never mislead other users. If you do, they'll ban you and unfollow you - pronto.

14. Post captivating videos

Prepare captivating videos and post it for the public to watch. Allow sharing and commenting so that your viewers can share their two cent's worth. Display a thumbnail of the video than capture the attention of other users.

15. Feature awesome images

Featuring awesome images can capture the attention of users who are into photography and the arts.With a simple digital camera, you can produce amazing pictures to display on Google Plus. You'll have to use your gravid imagination to come up with fantastic shots and images.

These are all ways to get more followers on Google Plus.. Use them persistently and you'll succeed eventually in gaining more followers.

Likewise, it's important to note these simple tips

It's not the number that counts but the quality.

No matter how huge your following is on Google Plus if these are all inactive members, then there's no use. So, take it easy. Don't rush things. Build your network slowly but surely. Take note that Rome wasn't built in a day.

Content is still king

Your content is what counts the most when deciding what to share. Your content is still king. Hence, it's your responsibility to write quality and informative content. It's your duty to provide captivating videos and images. If you feel there's nothing worth sharing, don't post. Once your followers notice the poor quality of your shares, they'll stop following you.

Your site or blog plays a primary role

Most often, the links that you'll be posting on Google Plus would be those from your website or blog. It's crucial; therefore, that your site or blog is user friendly, search engine optimized and has rich content. Once your site falls short of the expectations of your followers, you're doomed.

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Observe online courtesy

Treat your followers and other users with respect and courtesy. Online trolls and rude users are always shunned in any social media site. Bad news travels fats, so your reputation would be smeared in no time at all, if you're rude. In the same manner, you should not react to rude people too. Let them be. You'll not gain anything when you stoop down to their level. So, just ignore them.

Avoid posting negative materials

Don't post about violence, alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling and the like. Any social media site will ban your account. Google will also penalize your account, and sandbag your site into oblivion.

By combining the 15 steps and these tips, you'll be able to gain more loyal followers. Keep in mind that the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity. Choose the high ground and obtain your followers through valid and legitimate means.

After all, if you're up front, honest and sincere in nurturing your followers, you'll always be rewarded with more.

Have we missed any other ways to get Google Plus followers? Let us know in the comments.


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