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Create a Media Kit Template for Your Site with Free Samples

How wonderful it would be if you can create your own media kit template for your site. Right?

That would be cool! However, it's difficult for newbies to do this. Sometimes, even long-time website managers are not able to create their own templates. It can either be in a PDF, word document, video or even an audio.

To help you in this endeavor, here are tips you can follow. You can create your own media kit template now.

Creating your own kit template for your site

1. Overview of your site's content

It should describe specifically why your site is different from others. What are the unique contents of your site.

You must list them all and provide the details to make it more comprehensive.

2. Contact Information

Information such as, name, email and phone must be included. Specify the time and day that your customers can contact you. Specify also the time that you can respond to their messages.

Be honest, so that your credibility won't be in question afterwards. If you feel you can't respond promptly, include this in your information so that your visitors or customers will not be disappointed, when their queries are not replied to promptly.

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3. Audience, Demographics and Audience Metrics

Who are your audience and where are they generally located? How many Pageviews does your site generate? What about unique views and Page views per Visit? Your site's Alexa Rank and Alexa Reach must be indicated.

You can obtain all these data from

Just change the into the name of your site, then paste this URL on the provided space, and visit the site to extract all the information needed.

4. Social Media Metrics

These are reports of your site performance in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. For Twitter, your Twitter Followers and Twitter Mentions are reported, and for Facebook your "Likes" are included.

5. Demographics

Demographics include your audiences' age, gender, education, browsing location and whether he/she has children or not. This data will provide the information needed for you to plot new plans and goals.

6. Rates and Standard Advertising Opportunities

Prices of Cost-per-Click (CPM) or Cost-per-Action (CPA) depend on the sizes of the ads. There are standard prices based on Interactive Advertising Bureau.

You can list other opportunities, as well. Don't let go of these other opportunities because they can come in handy later on. Take note of all of them and you can include them now or eventually.

Advantages of Media Kit Templates

  • You can customize it for your site. By doing so, you'll be able to create your own template based on your preferences.
  • You'll increase your chances of driving more traffic to your site. And these will be from unique visitors because the type of traffic will be organic - meaning - they will come from genuine searchers, who are truly interested in your product or content.
  • Your site will become more popular and visible online. This is because of the significant increase in traffic.
  • You'll be able to increase your Alexa ranking. Advertisers tend to look into your Alexa ranking to determine your site's integrity and standing.
  • Your Google Page Rank and your ranking in other search engines will significantly increase. This will generate more traffic to your site and will boost your placement in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • Your SEO will be strengthened because of good website practices. Good SEO includes a well-organized site.
  • You can identify your audience and source of traffic easily. You can access their specific demographics and other vital information about them. This can help you in optimizing your money-making ventures.
  • You can take advantage of using videos and similar tools to keep your audience more engaged and interested. It's important to note that variety enlivens a website's attractiveness and quality.
  • You'll learn new methods on monetizing your site using all forms of advertising and money-making ventures. Certainly, this is one of your major goals in setting up your website.
  • You can successfully advertise using your site's banner. If you're serious about being a website owner or manager, you should have your own banner or logo. This must be your site's symbol that visitors can recognize anywhere.

Examples of Media Kits

This is an example of a media kit created as an image but can also be viewed as an PDF, or any document to be honest. It contains all the required information that advertisers would be interested in such as overview, audience and social media details.

This media kit is found only in a PDF and each page contains one specific details. The screenshot shows information about advertising on their website. Other pages in the PDF show advertising details in their newsletters and hard-copy magazines.

This is a simple graph breaking the demographics into different levels. It easily shows where their audience comes from.

Free Templates

Here is a list of PSD templates found online that you can use to create your media kit.

Eye Candy

Here is a clean media kit design that is soft on the eye. You are free to customize the icons and even has some pretty visualizations.

Vector Kit

A dark and futuristic theme with a range of beautiful colors. It is created as a vector which means you can change the size of the template without losing quality.

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Food Elements

This contains images suitable for websites and blogs about food. It comes in a cute design that is attractive and also includes space to write down some description.

Creating your own media kit template can be a daunting task if you're not into HTML codes and the like. But, it's a task that you must do now or eventually. So, why don't you do it now, so you can start benefiting from it already?

Do you have any other tips or templates for creating a media kit? Let us know in the comments.


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