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Aweber vs Mailchimp: The Most Effective Email Marketing Provider

Email Marketing is one method that some Internet marketers fail to explore. The various advantages that email marketing provides for entrepreneurs are considerable that it should not be ignored.

The question, however, is determining what email marketing provider is the best for you.

Two of the most popular providers are AWeber and MailChimp. Each has its own pros and cons, and each email provider may impact different users with varied experiences, based on their preferences.

To arrive at an accurate assessment, we have to compare AWeber and MailChimp based on certain categories.

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Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on Email Tracking


  • It provides the exact number of people who have opened your email.
  • It provides the exact links that the recipient clicked.
  • It provides the exact date that the links were clicked.
  • It has shorter URL links than MailChimp; hence, has more chances of being clicked by users.
  • It provides conversion tracking that allows you to monitor the conversions and sales of your products through your email marketing.


  • It has the same features as AWeber but doesn't track persons who have signed up for your newsletter.
  • It does not confirm emails.
  • It uses long URLs, which in turn, connect the recipient to your site; unlike AWeber, which is easier to use.

Comparison of Aweber and MailChimp based on ease of sending emails


  • It allows simultaneous emailing to various recipients. You can send them all with a few clicks of the mouse.


  • It doesn't allow simultaneous emailing to your recipients, so you have to send your email to each recipient, one by one. This is time-consuming and tedious. Modifications have been made, but still, AWeber renders better service in this particular aspect.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on Design Tools


  • It has limited Design Tools compared to MailChimp.
  • You can use its templates but it will be difficult for you to design your own.
  • It provides multiple image hosting.


  • It provides a number of design tools that you can use creatively. You can even customize your design using the GUI provided by the service.
  • Another alternative is choosing from different templates and preparing your own unique and original pop-up.
  • You can also use your own codes to design your forms or graphics.
  • It provides more flexible interface for your HTMLs.
  • Unlike AWeber, it provides only one sign-up form for your email list.
  • It provides multiple-image hosting too.
  • It provides better interface than AWeber.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on speed of loading time


  • Faster loading time.


  • Slower loading time. This aspect may be resolved later by MailChimp. Check also your device because your Internet connection may be at fault.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on AutoResponders


  • It provides easy preparation of follow-up emails.
  • It has a more complex technique of identifying the subscribers that have received your newsletters or emails. A message is labeled by numbers that makes it difficult to classify and determine what messages to send.
  • Your email recipient may receive newsletters, which are not meant for him.


  • It provides an easy way to create follow-up emails too.
  • It has an advantage over AWeber in this aspect because it can provide a way in which only a specific set of recipients that you designate can receive emails.
  • It has a more user-friendly interface that allows you to specify certain preferences such as, sending the email or newsletter to specific recipients.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on cost


  • No free sign up, but the price is still competitive and affordable from Internet marketers.


  • Free start-up cost. You can try it first if it works for you, before paying up for the services.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on Support System


  • It provides email support. You can email the staff directly to inform them of your problem.
  • You can also call their support team during business hours. This is an advantage over MailChimp because you can promptly receive a reply to your queries or problems.


  • It provides email support too, but it's not as reliable as AWeber, in this aspect.
  • This is because it does not provide its contact numbers to users, so you'll have to wait for your email response. This can be taxing and can affect your conversions and sales. What more, the response can be within 24 hours or even longer.

Comparison of AWeber and Mailchimp based on convenient programming and data base manipulation


  • It provides a flexible and powerful programming system in which you can access your whole database from your API. This will facilitate your sending of emails and replies.


  • It provides the same powerful programming just like AWeber. It was AWeber though, that made this feature available first for users.

Comparison of AWeber and MailChimp based on usefulness as a tool for Affiliate Marketing


  • It notifies you at the onset if your email will most likely end in the recipient's Spam box. Hence, you can change your email style and link.
  • It informs you beforehand of blacklisted links. When you use blacklisted links, your emails might get classified as "Spam."


  • It imposes temporary bans on blacklisted links and Affiliate Marketing that are considered as Spams, but doesn't inform you beforehand.

Comparison AWeber and MailChimp based on popularity with online marketers


  • AWeber is more commonly used by pro-bloggers, or those who have been longtime bloggers, and those who are in the online business for years.


  • Although, AWeber is mostly used by pro-bloggers, MailChimp is more commonly utilized by newbies because of its free start-up cost. It has also a more user-friendly interface.

These are all the points of comparison of your email marketing providers: AWeber and MailChimp.

Compare all the features and choose the provider that suits you most. Take note that what can work successfully for others might not work well with you.

You can experiment and use both separately to monitor which service will be good for your business and affiliate marketing.

10 Vital Tips on choosing your email marketing provider

  • Consider the providers' reliability and track record. You can read the reviews of previous clients to help you determine these aspects.
  • Choose a provider that doesn't bore a hole in your pocket. There are reliable and inexpensive email-marketing providers out there. Be patient to research what would be the best options for you. You can also select from the two providers presented here.
  • Check the support services if they can be contacted promptly. If not, then this could be a problem during emergency cases. Wasted time is wasted money.
  • The provider should allow you to market your own products and those of affiliate marketers. This is important because this is the primary purpose of email marketing. It is usually used to market products.
  • Read the guidelines and Terms of Service before signing up with any of the email marketing providers. There may be policies that you're not aware of. Go over each item thoroughly and interpret them correctly.
  • Choose a provider that you can work with by yourself. You should not need the assistance of any expert. You must be able to set up the services yourself. This will save you time and money.
  • Check the legitimacy of the provider before signing up. There are many scam sites online, so choose cautiously by visiting their sites and reading reviews about their services. At least 80% should be positive. If the positive reviews are below 80%, then it's a warning sign, find another email marketing provider.
  • Select a provider that can respond positively to your subscribers. The approach of your email marketing provider should be honest and respectful. Are the staff members courteous when you inquire about their services? Respectful staff members are signs of a reliable company.
  • Choose providers with easy to navigate pages. It's also important that you can hop from one feature to another, with easy to understand prompts. Are the instructions clear and simple that anyone can understand?
  • Opt for providers that can render reliable and continuous service to your email subscribers. To ascertain this, choose to use the services of email marketing providers that have been in the business for long years. This will ensure you that they won't close shop easily. Of course, there are also newly established providers that are equally competent, but just to be sure choose the old companies.

These are all the pointers you have to remember when choosing an email marketing provider. You don't have excuses not to be able to choose smartly.

Peruse carefully these providers and prepare a checklist where you can easily review the pros and cons of each.

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As a starter, you can begin using either AWeber or Mailchimp. Whatever you have selected based on the comparative presentation above, it still best to have a dry run or testing period.

Based on the results of your conversion and sales using the two email marketing services, you can then decide which to use between AWeber and MailChimp.

Do you prefer Aweber or MailChimp? Let us know in the comments.


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