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7 Ways to Harness Feng Shui Wealth Corners to Get Rich

Yes, you can get rich using Feng Shui's power! Not convinced? Well, there's no harm in trying. What if it works? You've nothing to lose.

Why don't you try practicing it for a few months and see how this ancient Chinese science can be beneficial to you? It's free anyway.

But first, what's Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui, literally translated as "wind - water", is a Chinese science and philosophy, which supports the belief that every object around us emits energy.

If your Chi or total energy is in harmony with the energy forces around you, this will boost your chances of achieving success in all your endeavors.

Makes sense, right?

Where can you find the Feng Shui energy sources of wealth in your home?

So, how can you let this happen? Simple. By knowing where you can find the energy forces of wealth and richness in your home.

According to Feng Shui, the area of wealth and money is primarily found on the south east area of your house. Likewise, the south west area for 2004 to 2024 is a secondary preferred wealth corner.

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You can locate these areas and corners using an ordinary compass. Yes, siree! Hold the compass. Stand in the center of your house and locate the wealth corner.

Take note that the pointer of the compass will always point to the north, so based on this, you can easily locate the south east and south west areas of your house.

Once you've located these corners, start harmonizing and enhancing the energy in these areas.

How to harmonize and enhance Feng Shui energy in the different areas of your house

When the southeast or southwest area coincides with your storeroom, kitchen, or bathroom, here's what you must do:

If the south east or south west areas (wealth and money areas) are located in the area where your kitchen is, there can be difficulty in boosting the energy for wealth to come into your house.

However, you can remedy this bad Feng Shui into a good one through the following methods.


  • Add more lights because light will exhaust the wood energy.
  • Add candles to illuminate the area well.
  • Add any item that can brighten the place.
  • De-clutter your storeroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Remove all trash and unnecessary materials. One sure energy booster is a clean and organized area.


  • Add a wind chime. But don't sit or walk directly below it because it reduces the energy.

If the southeast or southwest areas are in your living room, then you're lucky because this is the most auspicious area in Feng Shui for money and wealth to flow into your house unimpeded.

All you have to do now is to enhance the energy circulating in your living room so that it can attract wealth into your home.

Imagine the Feng Shui energy as clear water flowing into your house. What can impede the flow? Eliminate that object.

How to enhance the flow of Feng Shui energy in your living room

  1. De-clutter your living room. It's best of course, if you de-clutter your entire house so that the Chi can flow freely from one room to another. De-cluttering is the first Feng Shui rule. Discard all items or objects that don't harmonize with the ambiance of the room, and that don't contribute to the "wealthy" aura of the place.
  2. Add an item that provides a continuous flow of water or that requires water such as an aquarium or similar items. You can culture one dragon fish (Arowana) in an aquarium, but don't feed it to prevent bad luck. Carps in your aquarium will also increase the wealth energy. Beside the aquarium, you can place a dragon figurine to energize the water. All these items coming together will harmonize the energy of your wealth area and empower you to gain wealth. Clean the aquarium regularly and ensure that the water is always clean and fresh.
  3. Add a Chinese jade plant. The energy produced by the plant will work well together with the energy coming from the water boosting their energy forces.
  4. Add a wealth ship or pot/tray that can gold, coins, gems, valuable materials that indicate wealth and the abundance of money. Display items that indicate money and wealth.
  5. Add mirrors that can reflect the bright and good places of your living room. Round mirrors are preferable because they don't have sharp edges. Place them in areas where the door and windows are not reflected.
  6. The main sofa should be facing the door and you're in a command position, where you can see everyone entering and leaving the house. Your back should never be against the door. This will prevent the positive energy from circulating.
  7. Photos displayed in the living room should depict happiness, peace and wealth. Don't display sad and dark pictures. If you're to display paintings, galloping horses and bright paintings are recommended.

If your wealth area (southeast or southwest) is located in the bedroom, here's what you must do

  1. Place a wealth vase (ceramic or crystal) in your room. It must be shaped like an hourglass inside your closet or someplace where it cannot be seen by people. In the wealth vase, place coins, gold ingots, money, jewels, gems or pictures of abundance and wealth to boost the energy field for wealth in your home. The vase must be filled up to its neck and covered with five colored clothing symbolizing the five elements namely fire-red; metal- copper, gold or silver; earth - yellow or earth tones; water- black or blue; wood - green and aqua. It should also be tied using 5 colored threads. Keep this wealth vase in the most hidden portion of your bedroom.
  2. Remove water elements and mirrors from the bedroom. They should be in the living room.
  3. Your bed must not be directly in line with the door, but it should be in a command position where you can see people who are entering and leaving the room.
  4. There should be no sharp angles or corners pointing at your bed. This is bad Feng Shui because the sharp corners are like harmful daggers pointing at you, while you rest or sleep.
  5. Plants should not be also place inside the bedroom. This is because it prevents good Feng Shui. Come to think of it, having plants in your bedroom can also attract bugs and mosquitoes that can transmit diseases. These Chinese art and science agree with the scientific rationale.

To enhance the wealth and money energy in your house, you can build a waterfall or some similar water structure at the southwest portion of your front or backyard.

The idea is to harness all these energy fields into one, powerful and harmonious chi to empower you to achieve success in your money ventures.

Knowing your personal Feng Shui Bagua, Gua, Pakua, or Kua number and using it more often is also one way of ensuring wealth and money to come in into your home, as well.

Your Bagua or Gua Feng Shui number is your lucky number!

It can be computed by adding the last two digits of your birth year, until they become a whole number.

Examples of computations of Bagua or Gua numbers

Calculating Kua numbers for male

  1. If you were born in the year 2011, add the last two digits, which is 11; 1+1 = 2.
  2. Subtract the answer from 10, hence: 10-2 = 8 (This is your Bagua or Gua number)
  3. If you were born in 1965, add the last two digits, which is 6+5 = 11, since this is not a one digit number, add them again, hence: 1+1 = 2.
  4. Subtract the answer from 10, hence: 10-2 = 8 (This is your Bagua or Gua number)

Calculating Kua numbers for female

  1. If you were born in the year 2015, add the last two digits, which is 15; 1+5 = 6.
  2. Subtract the answer from 10, hence: 10-6 = 4 (This is your Bagua or Gua number)
  3. If you were born in 1975, add the last two digits, which is 7+5 = 12, since this is not a one digit number, add them again, hence: 1+2 = 3.
  4. Add 5 to the answer, hence: 5 + 3 = 8 (This is your Bagua or Gua number).
Note: You have to be aware that the Chinese have a different New Year, which is February 4. Therefore, if you were born before February 4, you have to use the year before your birth year to compute for your personal Bagua or Gua number.

An example of this is given below

If you were born on February 3, 2004, you should use the year 2003 to compute for your Gua numbers, and not 2004. This is because the date is before February 4, which is the Chinese New Year.

Always remember your personal Bagua number because it's the number that can bring you fortune, wealth, success, love and good health.

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It can also indicate your best position in the Feng Shui chart.

You can experiment with all these Feng Shui recommendations and watch how it can harness all the energy fields in your home and enable you to attract wealth and money into your household.

It goes without saying that you have to believe in the power of Feng Shui to increase your chances of succeeding.

With a little dash of good Feng Shui practice, hopefully, you'll become a wealthy man, eventually.

Are we missing any Feng Shui wealth corners facts? Let us know in the comments.


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