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5 Top Instagram Clone Scripts

Top Instagram Clone Scripts

One of the most popular sites today is Instagram. With Instagram clone scripts, you can enhance the picture-sharing ability of your site, and create remarkable image ads that can help increase your earnings.

Instagram clone scripts are ideal too in allowing readers to interact actively with your images. Here are some Instagram clone scripts.


With Pic-O-Gram, you can upload your photos and do many things with them right from your mobile device. In fact, it's one of the best Instagram clone scripts out there. For $699, you can use it for your IOS app plus web, and with $1,299, you can use it for your IOS + android + web.

Further, with this app, you can share your beautiful pictures on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Aside from pictures, you can also capture videos, edit your pictures and videos and receive email notifications as the admin or user.

With $1,299, you can create your own Instagram-like website using this clone script and optimize your ability to earn online.

Instagram Clone

You can create a new website with this Instagram clone script, where users will experience most of the basic features offered by Instagram.

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Users can upload pictures, edit them, share, like and comment on them and on other users' images. They can also follow and tag other members.

Social media sharing features are included, so users can instantly post their favorite pictures on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The advantages of this clone is that its support is 24/7, with competent staff members who can respond to your needs promptly.

You can customize the script based on your preferences, and you can be sure that its safe and easy to install.

The app can be downloaded on iPhones for $699, and can be accessed through different devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.


It provides the basic Instagram features such as, video, photo capture and sharing capabilities on social networks

Filters are also in place to ensure that you can monitor the posted images from your users. You can manage the site easily with these practical buttons.

For $249, you can create your own photo-sharing app for your own brand.

You can earn by displaying iAds or AdMob ads.


This is an excellent Instagram-like script that you can use because it's a professional script that you can readily use for your website.

The app has already more than a million downloads. This goes to show that the script really works.

You can easily connect to Facebook and Twitter, and add advertising widgets.


Parse's functionality is the same as that of Instagram. You can learn easily how to use it because a tutorial is given. The best is AnyPic app among the various made by Parse, which can operate the same as Instagram.

You can use parse with any device. You can promptly download this script from your iPhone.

A free trial is offered to those who would want to try the app first.

Do you know any other Instagram clone scripts? Let us know in the comments.


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