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20 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners and Dummies

As a new online entrepreneur, you most probably would want to know about the affiliate marketing programs that can work best for you. There's no assurance that a particular program will work for you or not. Because of individual differences, what's best for John may not be best for you.

You have to discover yourself what affiliate marketing program can allow you to make big money online. To help you in this endeavor, here are the most popular affiliate marketing programs that most Internet marketers prefer.

Google AdSense

This is the premier affiliate marketing network online. It's the most preferred company because earnings can run as high as thousands or millions of dollars. However, it offers dismal earnings for small websites. The good news though is that it's not impossible to make big money from Google AdSense - IF you strike the correct combination for your site.

If you want to succeed with Google AdSense, you'll have to follow all the guidelines required by Google. Your site must have information-laden posts to generate more traffic. You'll earn from visitors coming from organic searches.

That's why you have to work hard to get your site up in the search engine rankings. With Google AdSense, you can make big money online as an affiliate marketer. All you need is determination, perseverance and the thirst to learn more and experiment with your ads.

You can use Google Analytics and the Webmaster Tools to optimize your Google AdSense ads.


Through you can earn commissions on successful sales that you can facilitate. It's one of the largest affiliate marketing programs. You're allowed to display Amazon widgets on your sites or create your own Amazon store where you can sell solely Amazon products. You become a distributor, so your commission is higher.

From your sales, you earn varying commissions according the price and number of sales you have concluded. Lots of Internet marketers earn huge payouts from Amazon, but some claim that they haven't succeeded in breaking Amazon's sales secret.

With the wide range of product, though, you have more chances of concluding a sale with potential customers. Give it a try though; you might strike gold from selling products of this website.


You can create a ClickBank account even if you don't have a website. This is an advantage for those who aren't website owners, but who would want to earn online.

This affiliate marketing program provides you with downloadable product information. You become a distributor of the product, so you earn more commission. You don't go through a middleman. Oftentimes, other affiliate marketing programs pass through middlemen, reducing the affiliate marketer's commission.

ClickBank usually offers digital goods, so they're easier to sell online. However, double check the products by contacting the seller because you'll be held responsible for scams and low quality products. ClickBank doesn't check the products. If you're certain that the seller can be trusted, then go ahead and sell his products.

Commission Junction

With this program, you should be able to conclude a sale within 6 months after registration. It's one of the largest affiliate marketing programs. Commission Junction serves as an advertising platform and is not concerned with the shipping or delivery of goods.

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Usually, you may be interacting with the companies that produce and send the goods; hence, you'll have to learn how to deal with them. This can be a disadvantage for you if you're not prepared. If you want to earn big, you'll have to bravely face the challenges. The more money involved, the greater hard work is expected.


LinkShare is similar with Commission Junction in the sense that there's a middleman. You share a link to a product or service and you're given a commission with each successful process.


You can share specialized products and services for a commission. ShareASale can be good for websites that have certain niches. This is because the products can be relevant to your particular niche. You can also choose the company you want to promote. It uses the model - Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Sale for affiliate marketers to earn money.

Direct Net Partners

It's a direct selling company with one of the highest commission payouts for online marketers. It offers branded duty-free products that you can sell quite easily.


VigLink is user friendly. Once you've installed its Java script on your site, the program will automatically feed your affiliate code into your site. You don't have to tweak several buttons before you can display its ads.


This affiliate marketing program offers a wide array of products for its marketers. It has a minimum payout of $30, and pays weekly. It offers medically-endorsed products that your customers can safely use.

Affiliate Crew

This affiliate marketing program provides a venue for you to choose the publisher that would advertise in your site.


Neverblue is one of the big advertisers in affiliate marketing. It offers a wide range of chances for you to partner with reliable advertisers using customized ads.

Neverblue also provides various marketing strategies such as, email marketing, contextual advertising and interesting banner ads.

It follows the Pay-Per-Lead method and is ideal as affiliate marketing program for you if you have the patience to advertise.


This affiliate marketing program is similar to Google AdSense in the sense that it applies the Pay-Per-Click method. Ads are customized to suit the visitor and the reader. It displays ads that are compatible with the area where the visitor is located.


InfoLinks is easy to set up. You just add the code to your site and the ads will automatically be displayed. It provides contextual links that are compatible with Google AdSense ads, so if you're an AdSense baby, you can InfoLinks safely as one source of income from your site.

Keep in mind though to notify your visitors that InfoLinks is installed in your site and that their comments may act as links to InfoLink ads. If your visitors are finicky about this, then you just have to remove the InfoLinks from your comment section. There's a feature in your InfoLinks program that allows you to do so.

There are many website owners, who have testified that they already earned big money from InfoLinks.


If you're good in writing articles, you can adapt Pay-Per-Post. You write a post about the product, insert one or two links of the product and you'll get paid. The payment varies from one advertiser to another depending on the type of product being sold.

If you have written an interesting post, the advertiser will surely enlist your services again. Pay-Per-Post and Blogvertise pay more per entry. The problem however, is that Google penalizes sites that are composed of paid posts only.

Your paid post must be interspersed with original and informative post, so that Google will index your site, once again, in its search engines. Otherwise, Google will sandbox your site into the bottom of the search engine results pages.

When your site is no longer indexed by Google and other search engines, advertisers will avoid using your site to advertise their products. This is understandable because your site will not be visible anymore to searchers.


Bidvertiser is similar to Google AdSense too because of its Pay-Per-Click strategy. The only difference is that with Bidvertiser, you can reject or accept ads. This is an advantage because if the ads are not in congruence with your website, you can always reject them. Google AdSense provides better earnings though than Bidvertiser. Also, Bidvertiser might not be compatible with Google AdSense ads.


ClickBooth operates through the Pay-Per-Sale technique and can be one good source of income for affiliate marketers. If you don't sell anything, then you won't earn anything. It's a fair deal.


This affiliate marketing method pays via the Pay-Per-Click strategy. It uses contextual in-text ads to display the advertisers' products. If you know how to use Kontrera successfully, you can earn good money from this site.

Matomy SEO

You can earn from this marketing program by allowing them to insert text link ads on your site. You will be paid for links that are inserted in your post. The price varies from one advertiser to another.


This is similar to Pay Per Post. You write a post about the product and include two links to the product website. This affiliate marketing program can pay as much as $200 for each post. Usually bloggers are paid around $10 minimum for each post. High-ranking sites are paid more depending upon the advertised product.

Unique Leads

This program offers Pay-Per-Lead commissions. Every time your visitor clicks on the link leading to your product, you get paid. Don't expect high payouts with this affiliate marketing program though.

These are some affiliate marketing programs you can try. Choose three to four of them and try them on your website. Stick to them for a while. Work long enough to determine if they're the right ones for you. If not, you can always shift to another program.

Don't give up easily though - especially with Google AdSense - because with diligence and perseverance you'll eventually succeed. Give it a year or two before changing your affiliate marketing program.

Do you know any other affiliate programs suitable for newbies? Let us know in the comments.


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