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15 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram is fast gaining its popularity online. Thanks to its millions of users, this free social media site is among the top 3 photo and video sharing site, making it popular among many individuals and businesses such as clothing brands. If you're on Instagram, and you want to gain more followers, here's how to do it.

1. Provide sufficient information for users

People won't follow you if your image is blank and you don't provide sufficient information as to what makes you unique from other users. You don't need to provide your full address, telephone number and birthday. Sufficient information means making other members aware of your interests and likes.

Say, "I'm an aspiring photographer" or "I doodle in the arts," instead of stating your extremely personal information. Through this method, other Instagram users will know what to expect from you.

2. Initiate the action

You have to follow other members if you want them to follow you. Follow those whom you share the same interest with. Follow your friends and relatives who are already members of this network. Follow your colleagues, and those who are in the same business as you are. Follow those whom you admire.

There are several ways to determine whom you're going to follow. If unsure, listen to your intuition. Appearances can be misleading, at times.

3. Post regularly

You have to post regularly so that your followers will know when to expect a new picture. If you decide to post on Mondays, then post every Monday. You can also do it every MWF (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Decide what's your most convenient day and stick to it. This will help you gain more followers.

4. Post when your intended viewers are online

Take note of the time differences between countries. If your intended viewers are in the Far East and you're in the US, then refer to the time zones. For each of your intended viewers, it's best to post in the evenings, when most people are done with work and are surfing the net. Consequently, you can post during the early mornings and lunch time periods to allow your viewers to see your post.

5. Don't overload your page

Don't upload all your images in one go. Your followers won't be able to "digest" them. No matter how excited you are to share your images, sharing so many simultaneously, will not allow your followers to enjoy your pictures - no matter how brilliant they are.

Imagine stuffing your mouth with food - you won't be able to enjoy its flavor. The same is true with the eyes. Too much in one sitting will turn you blind to the beauty of each picture. Upload 3 to 5 images daily or during your scheduled time, and you'll be okay.

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6. Interact with other members

Actively interacting with your followers will prompt others to follow you in return. Most especially if they notice how you respect other members' opinions and comments by responding to them. The most productive method is to interact with those who are in the same niche as you are.

You can share images and thoughts on every image displayed on your own profile. Since you both know what you're talking about, it will be easy and fun.

7. Utilize relevant hashtags

Hashtags are essential in ensuring that your images can be found through search engines and other social media networking sites. Surf online through search engines for the most appropriate hashtag that truly describes your image.

Remember to add # sign before the word, so it can be tagged by search engines on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Examples are: #horsespics, #sunimages, #flowerimages, #bluelakesphotos, and #landscapepics.

8. Post remarkable pictures

Post remarkable and uncommon pictures that people can appreciate and be interested in. You can also capture an ordinary picture from a unique or interesting angle. Use your imagination to come up with images that defy reason.

What would fascinate viewers? What would make them take a second look? If you're creative enough, you don't need to perform death-defying stunts to shoot your picture. All you need is the skill to look at ordinary things from a different point of view or from a phenomenal perspective.

9. Involve your viewers

So, you've got this incredible image, but don't know how to let people view it. It's not rocket science; you can inspire other users by simply interacting with them. You can ask their opinion about your images.

You can also ask for any recommendations or suggestions from them. However, get ready for any negative comments. There will always be people who will differ in their perception of what you think is beautiful.

Don't get mad because people are entitled to their own opinion, and you ask them for their opinion, in the first place. You may want to conduct a contest on the most reliable comment or the most sensible comment. It's up to you. What's important is that you draw attention to your image, so you can gain more followers.

10. Maximize your Instagram applications

There are numerous applications and filters on Instagram that you can use to produce the best images that you can display. Maximize these apps in editing and fixing your images, so that only the best is posted on your account. What more, these are free and easy to use.

11. Invite people to Instagram

Invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to become members of Instagram. There are still countless of Facebook and Twitter users, who are not Instagram enthusiasts. You can invite them to Instagram and orient them about the site. You'll become an instant follower for each other.

12. Post your Instagram profile on social media sites

Posting your Instagram profile on Facebook and Twitter can increase your Instagram followers. If you have a blog, you can post a link to your Instagram profile. Including your link in all social media networking sites that you're a member of, will allow other members to follow you.

13. Don't spam other people's feeds

Spamming other users' feeds can make them unfollow you. Instead of maintaining your followers, you'll slowly alienate them by flooding their feeds with bad images.

14. Comment on other people's images

Spend time to view the images of other people and leave sensible comments. Do this consistently and randomly and soon, you'll get followers through this method.

15. Join specific niches

You may want to join members who belong to the same specific niche. Browse and go over their images so you can determine what groups to join. But don't be afraid to join those from diverse niches too, so you can expand your world. Your priority is those within your niche, though.

These are 15 ways you can implement to gain more followers on Instagram. You'll surely need some tips to help you create fascinating images.

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Here are some useful tips on how to create interesting images:

  • Think out of the box - Use an angle that has never been explored. Examples are: capturing an image of a plane from another plane; shooting the sky from underwater; and seizing the moment when a droplet falls from a faucet. This is where your creativity and originality comes in. There's no limit to what your mind can perceive. Anything is possible.
  • Black and white colors are still beautiful hues - Go black and white once in a while. There's astounding beauty in the black and white silhouettes of images. Capture the essence of an image through a black and white photo.
  • Optimize the use of your camera - Get acquainted with your camera so you can optimize it. It need not be an expensive one. A digital camera with just enough flexibility and memory is sufficient.

    Use shutter lens speed to vary your images. Varying the speed of your shutter lens can also bring you incredible pictures. Experiment with your camera to learn how you can turn it into a tool that produces captivating images.

    Vary your distances and explore how you can present your images in the best possible way.
  • Learn how to edit your images - This is a must know for you. You can use your own application or Instagram's applications. Use what you feel most comfortable with.
  • Read about the art of taking photos - If you're hooked on taking photos, you may want to read more about it. You can also enroll in photography classes, offline or online. Learning something new doesn't only develop you as a person, but can also turn you into a more self-fulfilled individual.

If at first you don't succeed, don't give up. Building followers in any social media networking site is not an overnight process. It can take longer than what you expected. What's important is that you have a guideline or blueprint to follow.More so, don't sweat it out. There's no deadline for you to beat; unless, of course, you've set one for yourself. This isn't advisable though. Enjoy the experience of acquiring your followers and relish how they gradually come to notice your images.

Repeat the steps until you've reached the number of Instagram followers you so desire. So, keep going and get those thousands of followers successfully. Good luck!

Do you have any tips to get more Instagram followers fast? Let us know in the comments.


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