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10 Free Grammar Checkers to Guarantee Perfection

As a blogger, you would surely want your articles to be written impeccably with correct grammar and flawless spelling. This should be your ultimate goal. However, most often, you find it tedious and time consuming to edit and proofread your posts.

You cannot discount, however, the fact that your posts should be well-composed because they represent the quality of your site and you, as a blogger. Also, it's crucial to write quality posts because Google still respects the adage that "Content is King."

Posts that are written with informative content and in impeccable grammar are highly ranked by Google's search engine too. This will consequently increase your Page Rank, attract more visitors to your blog or website and significantly increase your online earnings.

Therefore, the importance of writing posts with correct grammar and spelling cannot be discounted. Nevertheless, you don't have to sweat it out in editing your post. Now, there are free apps that can do this for you.

Free apps that you can use to edit your article


Spellchecker can check if you have spelled words correctly in your article, and if your grammar is correct. You can copy and paste your article on the app, and it will find the errors and provide the necessary corrections in a jiffy. It's as easy as counting from 1,2,3.


It provides an incredible spell checker that can detect instantly misspelled words, run-on sentences, typos and incorrect punctuation marks. All you have to do is to copy and paste your article on the website's online checker and you can easily read the edited words.

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This app offers advance style checks, contextual spell checks and grammar checks, all rolled into one awesome package. You can facilitate proofreading and correct those embarrassing typos and obvious grammatical errors by using After the Deadline's intelligent proofreader. This is available on WordPress blogs so, you can readily activate the plug-in from your blog.


This is a powerful online grammar and spelling checker that you can use for free. Errors that other checkers can't detect can be corrected by SpellCheckPlus. It's an app that you must consider using to ensure that all your posts are error free and that the vocabulary used in your article is enriched. It's excellent for writers who have English as their second language. You can access the software anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection.


This online service is also free for checking the grammar and spelling errors of your posts. You can conveniently use it for personal and business purposes. It uses a specialized grammar and spell checker that will render your post free from typos and commonly committed grammatical errors. With this tool, you can write great compositions without spending too much time editing and proofreading them. It's designed to help you significantly in writing a perfect post.


You can promptly check your article for errors in spelling and grammar. All you have to do is to copy paste your article and then let Paper Rater do the proofreading for you. It also determines whether you've used the correct word or not. What's amazing is that all of these are offered online for free.

7. - Ginger's Grammar Checker

If you're a writer using English as your second language, Ginger's Grammar Checker can help your write well-written posts that are comparable to one written by a native English writer. It's one of the best online grammar checkers, and you can use this tool for free.


You can download the free online limited version of WhiteSmoke's writing software from its website. Aside from checking your grammar and spelling, the checker can also proofread your writing style whether it's the correct form or not. It clearly identifies the sentences and words that need to be edited and checked thus, you can proceed in writing a brilliant post. Your posts would no longer contain embarrassing typos and misspelled words.

9. - Online Text Correction

You can correct the grammar and spelling errors of your article or post by simply copy pasting your article into its textbox and then clicking check text. The app provides valid suggestions for improper words and pinpoints your errors.


This software can do grammar and spelling check in more than 20 languages. It's an open source tool, which can proofread your post quickly. All you have to do is to copy paste your article into the box and click "check text".

So, don't publish articles with glaring errors that can damage your online reputation and integrity.

Give your visitors the impeccable post that they want by utilizing any of the free online grammar and spelling checker presented above. Here's a toast to you becoming a brilliant writer!


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