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Snoopy Facebook Banners

Adding Facebook banners onto your Facebook profile is the hottest thing we have to offer! Like wearing a wristband in real life, your Facebook profile banners give you a say about a cause you support, for you to show off your favorite pictures and more!

Step 1: Right-click and save each of the images below.
Step 2: Upload each piece of the banner into your Facebook album and tag yourself, starting with the last piece.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into Facebook or else it will not work.
Step 2: Click on the UPLOAD button below. If you get a message about permission you must choose "Allow". Wait until you see a message that the banner is uploaded. It may take a few minutes.
Step 3: Check your Facebook profile. If the banner didn't appear, repeat the steps again or use the Manual Method.

NOTICE: Facebook has been known to randomly remove banners uploaded via this method. To ensure that your banner won't be removed, use the Manual Method above.

To request a banner or report an error, please add me on Facebook so we can keep in contact!

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