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About Me

Welcome to my page! I'm Jesse Neo and the one that bought you the website! There are tons of graphics and sensations here so do feel free to browse around and hit me a message anytime you want to talk!

Location: Sydney, Australia

Closest Social Circle: Jock

Sense of Humor: Playful

Turn Ons: Assertiveness, Sarcasm, Impulsiveness, Hedonism, Muscles, Power, Living on the edge, Public displays of affection, Rowdy Parties and Pants! Ha ha!

Favorite colors: Orange and brown

Music: Rock, Pop, Screamo, Death Metal, Country, Classical, Goth, Trance, Club and so on...

I can't go anywhere without: Cell phone

Hobbies: Designing, Pets, Partying, Beach, Skating, Reading, Music, Shopping and Clubbing (oh wait I'm too young for that!)

Social Life: Social Life Freak Show! Lolz!

Sports & Recreation: Soccer, Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, Skating and yeah.

Religion: Christian! AMEN!

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