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My name is Jesse Neo but my friends call me Jes.

I bought this website around ten years ago after begging my parents to let me use their credit card. At first they had no idea what a website was for or why I would ever need one, but after several months of nagging, I finally found my internet home. :)

When I was a kid my classmates and teachers used to call me Motor-Mouth because I could NEVER stop talking. In fact, when my mum talks to her friends now she would exaggerate that the entire town could hear my voice. The only way to shut me up was if you put me in front of a computer. This is probably where my interests in technology began.

If you are someone who believes in living life to the fullest and dreams of success, then this website is probably one that you will find interesting.

I started learning HTML when I was 7-year-old (no joking) on the old Freewebs and Geocities. I was able to create hyperlinks, display images and change backgrounds. It still makes me laugh at the way I used to steal GIF animations from other websites and upload them onto my own to impress my friends.

This website started as a personal blog that attracted up to 1,000 hits a day (which was a lot back then) but then got changed to providing layouts and graphics for social websites where at one point received over 6,000 hits. But slowly as the MySpace days were gone, so was the traffic. It was in 2014 when I decided to give this website another makeover.

Currently, this website is for online entrepreneurs who want to improve their online presence as well as getting money tips, inspirations and spiritual understanding related to finance. There is also a section that offers reviews on websites and apps.

If you are someone who believes in living life to the fullest and dreams of success, then this website is probably one that you will find interesting. Maybe we may even be friends!

About Me

I am a teen (I'm not going to put the exact age because I know I'll forget to update it after each year xD) based in Sydney, Australia. I was born in a small country town, had a flock of sheep that I knew by name, a dog that I took afternoon naps with inside our abandoned tin shed, and a cheeky parrot that only poops on squashy items. I have lived in over 12 houses, and changed schools over 8 times.

Even though I now live in the big city, I still miss the simple life I grew up in where everyone knew my name, got discounts from the familiar corner store and had neighbours a few blocks away drive me home because we all knew each other so well.

I got my first job at an herbalist but was quickly fired because of my apparent lack of appreciation for medication. The second job was at a pizza place and I was again discharged after a steamy incident that involved me using the wrong mop to clean the toilet and coincidentally shattered the lights in the process. I still remember the manager yelling from his red face that whoever hires me again is as dumb as a post and that I'll be in the grave before I would get anywhere in life.

It is obvious I didn't have much luck with jobs nor had the hope of being successful even though I was just starting out, so I resorted to cutting grass at some old folks' houses which was a very common way of earning some pocket money in my town. The earnings were poor but at least they gave me pies during winter and croissants during summer.

When I realized that it was possible to make money off having a website I soon became intrigued into learning more. I gave in a lot of effort adding content to my website and a few months later I earned my first $50 cheque. The day I saw the envelope in my letterbox after coming home from school (it was a rainy Tuesday in July) a smirk was on my face as I recalled what my ex-manager said; that I would go nowhere in life.

Even though I have forgiven him, the words that I will never be hired and never succeed still haunts me to this very day. I guess this is where my aspiration came from. My motives are not to prove him wrong but to make sure I will be able to achieve something in this life, and realised many people do too. This is why I decided to make the latest incarnation of this website related to that topic.

Interesting Facts

  • I love surfing! My heart belongs to the beach. My dream is to live in Manly (a suburb in Sydney) when I move out in a few years to start university (or perhaps when I finish).
  • I'm ALWAYS connected to the internet, be it my tablet, Surface Pro 3, desktop computer or phone. This IS my full time job! And just between you and me, I even sleep with my phone under the pillow.
  • I can type 180+ words per minute, since I was 9. You will be able to too if you're on the computer the majority of your time.
  • I am VERY active on social media. Besides the big names, I am also obsessed with Tinder (LOL), MeowChat and MeetMe. So make sure you swipe right if you see me! :P
  • Programming is the langauge I speak. I am fluent in PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Java and okay in C++ and C. I even have a job as a part-time programming tutor.
  • I spend EVERY CENT of my money travelling, solo. I always book the SECOND cheapest 5-star hotel I can find because experience taught me that the cheapest of anything always come with a price that would rather be spent on an upgrade one step higher up.

My Other Websites

I run many websites and is always adding more to my list! Here are some of my entertainment websites you may find interesting:


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